All About the Big D

Does all about the Big D refer to the insane month of December or does it refer to Big Dicks?

Considering that it IS December I guess it could be about BOTH the D’s (now I can feeling tingling sensations in my lower regions with the thought of double penetration – some of my favorite porn to watch while I get off)

I love big fucking cock though.

I love how it stretches my mouth out, I love how I have to focus breathing in and out of my nose as my head bobs up and down on It…and I fucking LOVE the stretching feeling from the walls of my pussy as it’s plunged in there.

Little dicks would never make me feel a damn thing considering how much I love big fucking cock. It could be big black dick, it could be big white dick…I don’t care. I want it large, I want it big and I want it in either my suck hole or fuck hole.

Do you have a big dick? Ill make it all about your big cock. .

Let’s play and I’ll show you how a kinky fetish loving girl like me treats a big dick.

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