Contact Information

Email: eroticwhisperz @ gmail

Phone: 866-687-3717

Twitter: @eroticwhisperz

You can also leave a comment on any of my pages or posts and I will respond there.

Billing Information

All calls are 2.00 per minute USD with a 10-minute minimum

You must be 18+ and provide valid CC information at the start of the call.

You will be asked for your name, DOB, Billing address/phone and CC information. *Failure to provide any of this information or if false information is given the call will be immediately terminated and you could be banned from using the service in the future.*

All calls are billed discreetly. During the billing process, I will provide you with the name as it will appear on your statement.

Prepaid, Debit Cards, and Gift cards accepted so long as there is the Visa or Mastercard logo on it.


When you place a call ~

  • After a brief intro message while it connects, you will be talking directly to me.
  • I will take your information down, Ask how long of a call you would like and place you on a brief hold while I verify it.
  • I will tell you about 2 minutes out that our time is almost up, if you chose not to extend our call will be disconnected when time is up. If you wish to extend there will be an additional charge to your CC resulting in 2 separate charges. I bill through a merchant that does not pre-auth cards and we cannot leave an open ‘tab’
  • After CC information is verified and everything goes through, we can begin having some sexy fun time!