Some gentlemen have urges that they cannot fulfill on a phone sex session for a handful of reasons:

  • They are simply toO shy to talk to a sexually free woman of my standing
  • They are embarrassed about the type of phone sex session they want
  • They are sitting next to their wife or girlfriend or boyfriend
  • They are in a business meeting
  • They are around friends, family, colleagues
  • They simply prefer the text

Whatever your reasons may be, your sexual needs still need to be met. That cock is still hard, you are still having thoughts that you can’t get rid of.

For that reason, I offer sexy texting sessions.

Sexy texting sessions are phone to phone or via skype.

There is an initial fee of $15 for the phone number and an understanding that you will never cold call that number or you will be immediately blocked.

After the initial fee of the phone number you purchase a texting session package of however many text messages you would like.

You will be provided a link to fill out a session questionnaire if you wish to set up the call prior to. OR you are permitted 2-3 messages to describe what you are looking for during the text session.

# of messages FROM me:

20 messages- $25.00

50(may split over 7 days)- $50.00

100(may split over 30 days)- $90.00

Monthly Access/Unlimited Messages- $150.00

I reserve the right to regulate your responses if they become excessive. (It is not often that I regulate those) Besides…once we get going and get into the groove…you won’t have the ability to respond back until you have blown your load.

Skype texting sessions are $2.00 per minute

To set up a texting session please email eroticwhisperz @ gmail  or call 866-687-3717 to set it up and make the initial payment.